And the Winners Are…

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Well, my friends – the polls have closed and the winner is clear. We would like to officially name and congratulate Nina and her Pink & Orange Bridal Shower board! Great work Nina, the people have spoken. The board was fresh and fun. It is clear that the pair of Nina Shoes you selected to be your inspiration most certainly did just that. I hope you have been eying the Nina Shoes site, looks like you will have TWO pairs of shoes coming your way.

Nina - pink and orange shower shower

I am also pleased to announce our 2nd and 3rd place boards:

2nd place goes to Rae’s Tropical Paradise. Fabulous, fun, sophisticated & chic. Rae, I do believe the shoe fairy will be paying you a well deserved visit :)

Rae - Tropical Birthday

3rd place has been awarded to LeeLa’s uber sexy and stylish Gallery Opening. A confident and fashion forward downtown vibe at it’s best! Get ready LeeLa, 50% off never felt so good.

LeeLa - Gallery Opening

A HUGE THANK YOU to all of our participants and the stunning boards that came our way. Each was so different and the style quotient – ridiculous! You guys took your Nina Shoes to a whole different level.

Voters, what can I say? You ladies and gents sure know how to answer the call. Thank you for taking the time to cast your votes. The blogsmaid thanks you & Nina Shoes thanks you. We are totally feelin’ the love.

And if any of you are feeling the urge to pick up something inspiring of your own, stop by the Nina Shoes Facebook page for some inside scoop and to see what other fans are saying.

Winners… we will be in touch!


Update – Nina Shoes Giveaway!

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For those of you who have been following the Nina Shoes Giveaway and even those who have not, our finalists need you.

We have received so many wonderful entries and though it pains us, decisions still have to be made. Well, a little help never hurt. Who better to help make that decision than our faithful readers and shoe lovers out there!

Below are our top three picks – these finalists took this concept and ran with it. We love the colors, style and creativity of these boards and would like you to help us make the final call. How? Easy – pick a board below that strikes your fancy and leave a comment on this post saying which is your favorite. That’s it! The board with the most votes wins the top prize – 2 pairs of fabulous Nina Shoes, 2nd place  will receive 1 pair of shoes and 3rd place will receive 50% off the pair of their choice. Ladies, please take a moment to cast your votes.

The finalists are: (in no particular order of course)

1. Leela’s Gallery OpeningLeeLa - Gallery Opening

2. Nina’s Pink & Orange Shower

Nina - pink and orange shower shower

3. Rae’s Tropical Paradise

Rae - Tropical Birthday

Forward to your friends, family and anyone who believes in the cause. All votes must be in by next Tuesday April 20th @ Midnight, winners will be announced the following day.

And to our three lucky finalists out there, good luck!! (you may want to forward this post to anyone you have ever met – every vote counts)


Nina Shoes Giveaway – Time is Running Out!

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Hey there! I hope you are all toiling away creating your Nina Shoes inspiration boards. Though I must admit, if you are anywhere near the NYC/NJ area you may have taken a few hours off to enjoy this magnificent weather. Many a peep-toe and sandal will make a cameo today… plus, it’s Friday! WIN WIN :)

Seriously, time is running out to send in your Nina Shoes inspiration boards. All submissions must be emailed to no later than Thursday, April 8th. EEK! Less than a week ladies! Come on… FREE SHOES!

Remember – visit Nina Shoes and pick your fave, get your creative juices flowing and put together a fabulous look to go with the lucky pair you have chosen. rocks for making inspiration boards but feel free to create however you would like, just make sure to send it over in a jpeg format.

For full contest details, check out the original post here @ Always a Blogsmaid.


APRIL 8th. Six days and counting. Make us proud.



Nina Shoes Giveaway! Fashion + Footwear = Fabulous

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Girls, get your thinking caps on STAT!

Let’s cut to the chase – it’s about shoes, it’s about fashion and being fabulous 24/7! Nina Shoes & Always a Bridesmaid are giving you the opportunity to win not only 1, but 2 pairs of shoes! Not sure if you have checked out the Nina Shoes site, but if you have not – you must. If you have, swing by again! So many beautiful shoes and not enough feet :( … Not sure about you, but anytime I see a great pair of shoes, I instantly begin to think (daydream) about the multitude of outfits the shoe would work with. But actually, I’m really thinking about what outfits would work with the shoe. Yep, more often that not it’s about building from the bottom up.

So here’s the 411 – Nina Shoes has a huge selection of drop dead gorgeous footwear. In fact, if you have a shoe fetish you may need supervision when visiting the site. They have a great selection of bridal footwear, but also fabulous selection of shoes for any other time of the day or night that you want to look and feel like a hottie. This doesn’t automatically have to mean heels girls, many a chic outfit has been rocked with a pair of great flats. If you love shoes, styling, or just like playing with inspiration boards – this contest is for you!

It’s simple – Visit the Nina Shoes site, pick a pair that inspires you, and go nuts! Build an inspiration board designed around your chosen shoe. Would you pair the shoe with an outfit for a fun and flirty daytime date or a swank weeknight hotspot? And of course – who can resist the perfect shoe for the perfect night out with the girls. Hmm…



PAPINA_LIGHT-MOCA_large1. Select your shoe from Nina Shoes

2. Style your outfit – whatever it takes, whatever moves you. Mix and match a pair of heels with a sundress, a barely there dress, the perfect jean and to die for top, you get the idea. Let us know how how you would wear your Nina Shoe. Accessorize as needed, gotta love a great bag, the perfect bracelet – maybe a scarf? The sky’s the limit. Do what you gotta do ladies, just make it fabulous and remember – free shoes are at stake!

3. Build that board – we love for the ultimate in inspiration board building. Don’t forget, your board must have an image of your favorite Nina shoe along with your other goodies.

4. Send it over – your inspiration board should be submitted in jpg format and should include the website and name of each item on the board. Email entries to

*Please also send us your name, where you are from and where you would wear your wonderful creation.

The contest starts TODAY and will run through Thursday, April 8th. You have 3 weeks so get that outfit together!


1st Place: 2 pairs of free shoes

2nd Place: 1 pair of free shoes

3rd Place: 50% off a pair of shoes

Here’s a sample Polyvore board from our lovely Mayra… but just remember your boards are all about the shoes :)

57jpegYAY! Free Shoes!!


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So for all my fellow shoe-lovers out there, here is a website where you can design your own Nina Shoes! Isn’t that amazing? There are so many different colors! You can create something that is both festive and totally perfect for any occasion. One of my best friends lovesss colorful shoes, so this site would be absolutely heavenly for her! For a price of only $199.95 for your own personally designed shoes,  delivered straight to your door for free… what could be better? Here are their styles that you can design yourself by changing the colors and the size:


And according to Xochitl, these shoes are ” incredibly comfortable!!” Classy, beautiful AND comfortable dressy-shoes??? Amazing. Here is an example of how you can create your own:


Also, Nina Shoes has a wedding shoe line that although cannot be altered color-wise, does offer some stunning shoes in many different styles all perfect for the big day! weddingtogether

Here is the pair that I’m pining after…. The non-custom shoes range from about $80-$120. So great! -Carly pink4444