Anna + Lib

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These are my clients, Anna + Liberty, who were married in September during what I like to refer to as our "Musical Wedding Weekend".  We had a rare 2 weekend wedding (Friday and Sunday) and both couples were musically inclined.  I had a great time working both events and the photos of Anna + Lib’s big day by Karen Mordechai really capture how special this couple are!
The ceremony and reception were at Smack Mellon.  Her dress is a bias-cut Jenny Packham.Img_2032
Img_1956_2 Img_2040Img_2044Img_2064Img_2568
Img_2256 Img_4613Img_5488

Free Engagement Shoot This Sunday

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Brides and Groom’s NY photographer Christopher Duggan is doing a free engagement session for some lucky couples this coming Sunday (October 12th) in Central Park.  It’s an annual event, so if you are looking from some great photos, act fast. Here is Christopher’s message:

"Fall is the perfect time to get outside and make some pictures.  Of course you know that this Sunday is our semi-annual Free Engagement Day.  There are only 2 spots left, so tell your friends to call today if they want to join the fun.  (888) 379-1359  They won’t find an opportunity like this anywhere else."



What a Gorgeous Wedding!

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It makes my heart swell with joy when I see people I love doing things that they love to do and, ahem, that we encouraged.  Our good friend Dante had always loved photography. So a few years ago we asked him to swing by our weddings before the guests got there to take some shots of our decor and details.  He did an awesome job, but it wasn’t long before he was itching to shoot some people.  On a lark, he hung around one of our weddings (with the Principal photographers’ permission) and got such a great shot of the first dance, it was selected by the Knot for Real Weddings.  Mayra and I were excited for him to pursue it and he actually ended up being a 2nd shooter for a few of our clients who were having artists friends as their principal.  Before long, Dante Williams Photography was born and he was out there getting all his own clients.  Today, I happened to be on his blog and saw this SHOWSTOPPING wedding he shot over the weekend for Erin and Mark and I had to share it with you.  They worked with R Cano catering and events, but I thought it was awesome.  Here are some of my favorite picks, the rest are on Dante’s site……


I love showing gorgeous weddings, so brides and photographers, please feel free to send me stuff that you loved! 


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I had mentioned a couple of weeks ago our clients Debbie and Sonny had gotten married, well, their photographer, Roberto Falck, sent us some of their photos and I thought I would share.  Actually, I’m sharing not just because we loved Debbie, but because I think they really show how getting comfortable and moving around can make for some AWESOME shots!  Don’t worry about just posing, hang out together and let your photographer capture the fun!


The Wonderful Karen

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Sometimes, it’s interesting how when you RE-visit someone, you fall in love with them all over again. In this case I’m talking about a vendor and the wonderful work of Karen Mordechai.  I had worked with her on this LOVELY wedding last summer (I THINK it was last summer, but I just realized it was 2 summers ago!!!!) for Marlene and Todd.  I had seen a couple of the photos but reached out to her to send them to me for a blog post I was doing for Real Simple, when I realized just how GORGEOUS these photos were.
I had to share a  couple with you. Venue:  Brooklyn Society for Ethical Culture and the Ceremony "house" was made by the groom!Img_0024Img_00224