Sweet as Candy

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I’m feeling a little overwhelmed today… this happens from time to time…. We booked a couple of new clients and I’m trying to get them on track, brainstorming new designs for their events and so on and so forth.  Plus we are launching a couple of new projects.  Sometimes my brain just needs to take a little bit of a break… And so I go forth and look for eye candy to sooth and inspire me.  I thought I’d share some cute, adorable things that I’ve seen around “town” (meaning the wedding blogosphere).

From Lollipop Events…. I mainly do weddings (as in nearly 98% of my work), but I adore the idea of getting to plan pretty, lovely non-wedding parties. So I was inspired and tickled by some of the table top designs on Lollipop’s website for showers, birthday parties and rehearsal dinners.  Here are a couple of shots from their site.

Picture 4Picture 7Picture 5

Then today, I saw this adorable post on Ruffled Blog about bird cages…. Here was an adorable centerpiece with bird cages (I’m obviously into yellow today… go figure?)Picture 3
We have been using bird cages more and more… as a matter of fact a couple of months ago I actually rented some doves (that was a great cab ride to work that day… just me and my rented doves!) for a clients wedding. (see below, thanks Dave Robbins for pic) RN23
Finally, my last “inspiration” of the day were these adorable invitations that I saw on the I love Lollipop blog, actually… I LOVE the wood grain paper… and the whimsical, almost folk-like/ russian design motif on them. It made me happy.
Picture 8
OK, that’s it… back to work and crunching budget numbers and stuffing envelopes. What have you been finding inspiring on the blogs lately?

Food Porn & A Great Shower Idea

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A few weeks ago, on a GORGEOUS spring day, I had the time of my life over at Karen Mordechai’s house for the first of a series of Sunday Suppers, put together by Karen and Casey Solomon of Cosevents.  Casey is an amazing chef/ private event caterer and she and Karen decided to put together a set of cooking/dining experiences where an intimate group of people gather together and, with Casey’s direction, cooks an amazing meal.  Then, you dine.  Karen beautifully documents the experience.  They’ve started blogging the experience here, and I can tell you from experience, it was a delightful time.

I also thought this was the PERFECT idea for a shower and especially a Co-Ed Shower.  Casey pulls together an awesome menu, equipped with aprons, and you work in small teams on each part of the meal.  It’s a great way to get to know one another while learning something and enjoying some company.  Afterwards, you are given the recipes for the items that you prepared.  Here are some photos of some of the supper that I thoroughly enjoyed (btw, this is one of those experiences where I see a photo of myself and say- is that how I left the house that day? Really?)


New York Fantasy Shower at The Morgans'

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This past Sunday, Always a Bridesmaid hosted a New York Fantasy Shower with Morgans’ Hotel in their AMAZING Penthouse. We wanted to host the event so that brides like you could have an afternoon to hang with the ladies in your wedding party, AND get some great ideas on how to make a bridal shower a little bit sleeker and just a wee bit sexier!

For starters, we picked a great theme: Naughty and Nice.  Inspired by Agent Provocateur (who provided the gift bags) We used a pink and black color scheme and ran with it.  To add to the decor, we wrapped “gifts” in the colors of the event- (hint, when hosting a shower, this is a great way to dress up the room!).  We had an awesome location…. the weather was amazing and the views were out of this world.  The Morgans’ provided lite bites via Asia de Cuba and Mark Joseph Cakes designed a cake around our theme that set the stage.  Elana and Julie of Melangerie did an OUTRAGEOUS job of creating a guestbook , favors and signage to make the whole thing seem a little more special.  For favors, they offered up a simple black scarf, but created these great display cards where it was either a “naughty” blindfold, or a very “nice” necktie.  The guestbook were little fortunes for what you’d like the bride and groom to do “in bed”.  Rather than use a paper plate hat, Anika from our team bought a cheapo Target sunhat and be-ribboned it (another simple upgrade).

We wanted to offer up some great activities/ ideas for activities, so we asked the Ladies from My Hair and Make Up to come and give make up lessons….. it’s a really fun way to do something a little different for a shower and they will come to your home to give a class.  We also asked Jessy of Fleurs to come and give floral lessons… she taught some great DIY lessons for bouquet making and more to the ladies in attendance (as well as providing the gorgeous blooms).  Here are some of the pics that Karen Mordechai took of the event!


Some of the amazing flowers AND the scenic terraces at the Morgans’ Penthouse.


No party is anything without great guests!  I was amazed to see how many great ladies came out on this gorgeous day to enjoy the party!  Here some of our guests sipping the great Pink Champagne cocktails, enjoying the terraces and grabbing up gift bags.  The ladies from Always a Bridesmaid and the Morgans’ Group were greeting guests while they enjoyed some of the tastes and treats of the shower.  For more pics of detail shots, guests and more from The Fantasy Shower, please visit our Facebook Page!


Hostess with the Mostess

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The Q: My daughter is getting marrried this may and as of yet her maid of honor has not discussed with me her plans for the shower. I know that the girls in the party cannot afford to rent a place for the occasion. I have some ideas for where the shower could be. Would it be ok for me to cover the cost of a location. Also my daughter has expressed that she would like it to be held at my home. Howerver, I dont think I can fit the 40 -45 people she wants to invite. What should I do? wait for the maid of honor to approach me. and if so how long. Or should I offer my suggestions. Lastly what time before the wedding should a shower be held . Thanks

The A: It’s actually increasingly common for the MOB to help with the costs associated with the shower, especially in Metro Areas where people have less space and not everyone can host a home-based shower. It’s not “Post-Approved” etiquette, but for what it’s worth, it’s Blogsmaid approved etiquette for you to contact the MOH and say that you would really like to “help” with the shower by covering the cost of a location so that her and the other bridesmaids can put their money and energy into the other parts- favors, a little cake, decorations, etc. You should bring this up pretty soon because ideally showers are about 2-3 months before the wedding. This schedule helps your guests not feel totally overwhelmed by the wedding and gift buying.

In terms of the stuff about your home and your daughter wanting a home based shower, I think that space is the most important consideration. I feel like you should seriously consider if you could fit everyone, but if you can’t make it work, don’t feel too badly about it. Your ultimate goal is for her to have a lovely shower, and your warm intention won’t be missed!