What They Did Right: Jean & Andrew at Studio 450

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Last week I shared a few photos from Jean’s ceremony, and I wanted to follow up with a few photos of the gorgeous reception!

When we began to talk about her reception, Jean had SO many ideas, that it was hard to choose which ones she wanted to go with. There were talks of an enchanted forest, and visions of a starry night, mixed in with a dash of desire for hot pink. This is totally common for brides, especially in the early stages of the process. Ultimately she decided that she wanted it to be a “Harry Potter’s cafeteria” feel with rich fall colors throughout. Rather than go with the traditional fall colors, we went with a navy base, with fiery orange and yellow accents.

As gorgeous as the room looked, the most important part of the day is celebration! I often find that this is the hardest part to show you on our blog. It is easy to show you the gorgeous cake, the stunning decor, the imaginative menu cards, but the best part of the day is literally the moments where you feel that you are celebrating with the couple. The touching toasts that make the couple tear up. The entire crowd in a dancing frenzy. The couple feeling like this is the party of their lives. Luckily, Jonathan Young was able to capture the fun of this event!

Congratulations to the bride and groom!

What They Did Right: Jean & Andrew

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I first met Jean when she reached out to us about interning at Always A Bridesmaid. I was instantly drawn to her cheerful personality and resourceful nature and was happy to add her to our team. She once helped me figure out how to cover up an allergic reaction on a bride, and forever earned a place in my heart. SO, how happy was the AAB team when we learned that Jean was engaged? Estatic!

What I loved about Jean was that she was all about the details. She also loved color, and was not afraid to use it,which you can see in the detail shots below. The wonderful photos are courtesy of Jonathan Young!

Jean and Andrew chose to take photos prior to the ceremony in order to get some photos around the city. So after a lovely and private first meeting, they were whisked off in a classic cab to locations throughout the city.

Our favorite stop? The wonderful and colorful shots of the couple at Sweetie Pie!

Jean had fallen in love with The Park Avenue Christian Church on one of our previous weddings, so that was chosen as the site of her big day. I love the drama of this non-denominational church (regardless of the name, this is a non-denominational space) and shots of a bride at the end of the aisle always give me the chills!

Photos of the happy couple after the ceremony!

So happy to share photos of the happy couple. Next week I will show you reception photos from Studio 450. Congratulations Jean & Andrew!

What They Did Right: Studio 450 Modern Glam Reception

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The final installment of Sara and Trevor’s stunning wedding. I loved working on this party and I just love the images that Karen Wise captured.
After the ceremony, guests moved upstairs to the roof for cocktails (which included a lovely champagne bar!).  Meanwhile, we were busy in the process of transforming the ceremony space into a chic, glamorous dining room for the delectable meal that guests were about to enjoy.  The best part of Studio 450 is that it is so very versatile.  Sara and Trevor were major foodies, PLUS food gave us a space to play with and incorporate Sara’s Chinese and Trevor’s mid-western roots.  Because we knew that the guests would be seated for 5 full courses (plus wine pairings) we spent a lot of time creating table designs that would inspire conversation, a bit of between course mingling and of course, feel as glamorous and elegant as the room itself.  We used these awesome round menu cards as both “charger liners” AND as place cards.  A lot of time was spent calculating the most enjoyable position for each of the 100 guests in attendance.  We had a wine pairing for each course (including a sake), which is a lot of glassware, plus I wanted to keep things airy… I just love the modern drama that these white goblets added to the table top.  A tiny detail, but it made the world of difference. When we can, it’s so awesome to do something a little different and special for the bride and groom.  Here we brought in a mirror top table for them to sit on, which sat between the four main dining tables. A perfect position for dinner!

SaraTrevor1For you food lovers out there, here is some of what we served. A salmon sashimi dish followed by a duck carpaccio and an absolutely fabulous beef duo of short ribs and a strip steak. Not pictured was the gorgeous braised miso cod over black rice. yummy. Thanks to Creative Edge for doing such an outstanding job.

The best part of any wedding is seeing people actually interact with the room. It comes alive to see the “design” actually be used. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the food, but even with tons of delicious food, it’s hard to get people motivated after 5 courses and fabulous wine. SO, right when dinner was winding down, we livened things up with a traditional Chinese Lion Dance Troupe. They performed for the crowd, who were completely delighted, and presented the bride and groom with traditional scrolls. After that, everyone was ready to dance and, to facilitate that, we passed desserts on the dancefloor and set up a sweet station. All in all, it was an intimate and unforgettable evening.

Sara and Trevor: Studio 450 Ceremony

So, after the Chinese Tea ceremony, Sara and Trevor headed over to Studio 450 for their “western” ceremony. Although they had seen one another earlier in the day, Sara didn’t want Trevor to see her in her white wedding gown, so we kept them separated until she walked down the aisle.  And it worked! He was totally moved when Sara made her way with her dad down the aisle to classical selection played by the harp and flute (from Elan Artists).  The wedding was only for 100 guests, and so we wanted to be sure that we maximized the space but didn’t want to make guests feel like they were swimming in the venue.  We added in some filmy curtains as dividers around the room and, to play off of the white of the space, we used a variation of a ghost chair for guests to sit on.  The cherry blossom arrangements,which mirrored the oversize cherry blossom escort card arrangement laden with crystals at the entry way, sat on top of clear pedestals to keep things light.  We added in a pink runner from The Original Runner company and projected the couples monogram onto the runner.  Afterwards, the rooftop made a perfect backdrop for photos. Stay tuned for photos of the reception and some delightful food porn from their 6 course meal!


Inspiration to Actuality

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After posting on our “Inspiration to Reality” shoot for Style Me Pretty, it got me thinking about examples of Inspiration to ACTUALITY.  Working with clients on design for their weddings, a lot of the time we are interpreting things that they tell us and say vs. the things that we can see that they, the client, really likes.

For our client Sara, we met multiple times for fittings and tastings and design consultations and every time Sara would be wearing pink.  Though she was certain that she wanted no part of pink for her wedding, I made her an inspiration board of images she had liked and the three of us agreed, YES, this was her style.

Here is her inspiration board:


And here is just a glimpse of the “Reality” of the wedding itself as shot by Karen Wise.  It’s just a glimpse into this wedding that I’m sure I’ll share soon, but it’s a great example of how making an inspiration board can really help you fine tune what it is that you like and give you an awesome road map for your event designer (or yourself) to create your dream day.