Get Those Groceries!!

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So, I live on the 4th floor of a brownstone and sometimes if I’m feeling lazy I order Fresh Direct and slip the guy a tip to take my groceries up the stairs. Often my cheapness outweighs my laziness (or, more accurately, I simply have no food in my house) but this week, I’m going to change that because Fresh Direct is doing something awesome!!!

From now until April 21st, if you spend more than $100 on groceries with them, they will donate an arbor in your honor to the Nature Conservatory’s “Plant a Billion Trees” program.  That’s amazing!

If you don’t have Fresh Direct in your area, it’s basically if Whole Foods would deliver to your house (and they have prepared foods as well). But regardless, this concept of donating a tree would be an awesome IN LIEU of FAVOR idea… Or for the “tree hugging” couple (using that term with affection, btw) it would make a great little engagement gift!

Art for Cocktails

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With all my free time, I just couldn’t help myself and figured, should I take this time and get out there and try and meet the dude of my dreams?  And then I thought, no, I’m just going to start another blog :-)
Actually, I’m just an insomniac who misses my art history classes.  So, this is my fun little Art History for dummies blog where I wax humorous about topics like how Monet is like Jay-Z and why anyone would like a puppy made out of flowers (beyond the obvious reasons like, a puppy made out of flowers!)  I’ll probably update it once a week or so, but please check out Art for Cocktails is you have a minute.   And no worries, The Blogsmaid is still blog priority #1.

NY Mag Re-Cap part 1

We had a blast and are just sort of getting the day started here after a ROUGH start this morning!  This was such a event….and, after our 5th time participating in this event, just as exciting as before… I’ll have a behind the scenes post a little later. For now, us and our favorite, moustached Cake Artist, Ron Ben-Israel (he’s just so cute!), the most amazing short dress from Gabriella New York and a fabulous destination wedding invite from Cheree Berry!

More to come!!!

Are You Going to New York Weddings?Ven

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I’ve spent the whole day getting ready for tomorrow’s New York Weddings event!  We’ll be showcasing a fabulous table top “Look for Less” and raffling off 10 hours of consultation services ($1,000 value- and that’s no April Fool’s Joke!). I ‘ll be announcing the winner on our blog on Thursday.  Plus, we have a special invitation to attendees tucked inside the gift bag!
Our new friend Marcy Blum will be there, along with commonly mentioned names on Always a Blogsmaid like CECI, Christian Oth, Elan Artists, Mark Ingram, Pronovias, Ron Ben-Israel, Milk and Honey Video, Shiraz Caterers…. and the list goes on and on and on!  And there are tons of other vendors who I haven’t met yet.

I think I mentioned before that participating in this event feels like rings on the tree of our business, and it has such a sentimental place in my heart.  We met Jessy of Fleurs there a few years ago (who is providing all the flowers for the event and has been
designing day and night) and always get to connect with brides and meet some readers. So Mayra and I will be on hand to answer any questions, and generally have a great time.  If you were going to be there, please come by and say hi!  If not, I’ll be posting pics!  Oh, and not too late to get tix!

Our Wild Night In A.C.

I’m a native New Yorker, so when people say Atlantic City to me, I immediately think of my Aunt Lulu on a bus and some Salt Water Taffey.  That said, when we got invited to the Water Club for an evening to check out their ballroom space, I was intrigued.  So Mayra and I spent some time with my adorable Grandparents down in Brick (in a place I like to call Del Boca Vista, and my grandmother calls “Wrinkle City”) before we headed down south to Atlantic City.

From the second we arrived at The Water Club, we were blown away.  First of all, you aren’t just at a lovely resort, you feel transported…. it doesn’t feel like A.C, or Vegas, but like a wonderful Miami resort.  The location proved to be perfect for a mini destination wedding for the style minded AND the dream location for a bachelor or bachelorette (the spa and the Aces train makes it the perfect location for a weekend with the girls.
The staff literally is thrilled to be there (they said so) and it shows.  We started with cocktails, and met some of the other guests, including the really lovely Maya Kalman of Swank Productions (and her fantastic husband/ partner), and Marc Wilson of Marc Wilson Designs.
The venue has several indoor pools (that can be plexi covered), as well as some lovely, intimate ballroom space and outdoor space.  The spa is out of this world and the food, with menus created by Geoffrey Zakarian, is to die for.  And, to die is exactly how I felt when I went to the ladies room right as Mr. Zakarian came over to introduce himself.  Finding myself midway in the conversation upon my return, I whispered “who is this?” and she said “I think he’s the sales representative for the property.” So, under that premise, I engage this world famous check in a completely non-sensical conversation involving such probing questions such as “How are sales going?”, “You live in CT. Wow, what a commute! O, you mean, you work in NY?  How do you do sales from NY?” and so on, and so forth.  Thanks a lot Mayra.
After cocktails we headed to dinner (menu by Geoffrey, btw – who I kept apologizing to…. REAL nice, Xochitl) and in addition to being wowed by the staff, service, setting and food, I was bowled over by the entrance of my wedding world Idol, Marcy Blum. I didn’t just get to sit at a table with Marcy, I got to MEET Marcy.  I’ve met her associates many times, but never HER.  And she was lovely.  In trying to explain this to a lawyer friend later, I said, it’s the equivalent, in the legal world, of getting to dine with a Supreme Court Justice.  And we didn’t just dine… The team at the Water Club wanted to show us everything the property had to offer…we dined, AND we danced. Wedding Planners gone wild! (maybe a little too wild, Mayra looked a little green at our walk through the next day 😉