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We are excited to announce that we are putting together an absolutely FABULOUS soiree with Gabriella Bridal salon!  I just adore the gowns that Gabriella carries and wanted to put together a great event for brides that would show off the gown and showcase one of my favorite elements:  bouquets!  So we invited our favorite florists who we’ve worked with and those who we’ve just admired from afar and paired them each with a gown from Gabriella’s boutique to create a stunning, original bouquet to match. Check out the line-up!  And our friends at Regas New York designed this fantastic invite and will showcase some of their wonderful, fashion inspired work.

Because space is limited, and the event will have a strict guest list at the door, I’m extending an invitation to the first 10 readers who leave a comment on this post!  I hope you’ll join us as we sip some wine and get inspired at one of New York’s trendiest salons.  It’s a fabulous chance to not only check out gorgeous gowns, but to see the work of all these fabulous florists!


What They Did Right: Nina & Jon at The Xchange

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About 6 months ago now we got an email from a prospective client saying that she was looking to get married in December and needed help pulling together her vision for an intimate, yet glamorous New York City wedding.  We were intrigued both by her vision and by her short engagement!  When Nina came in for her meeting, her excitement over marrying her teenage sweetheart was clearly contagious (for more pics and their story, see their gallery on our site).

As a TV producer and a native New Yorker, Nina had a pretty clear vision of what she and Jon wanted for their day- she wanted it to be modern, but warm, festive, glamorous, fun and, above all…. New York!  She also wanted to be sure it reflected their Puerto Rican heritage with food, drink and music playing a huge part.

So, what did they do right?  Well, first we selected a dynamite venue that overlooks the water AND had some great NY elements- views, water towers and a loft like setting.  Secondly, we decided to stick with an all white color pallette… little did we know that this was going to be reflected in the weather- there was a blizzard on their wedding day.  Actually, at the last minute they changed the bridal party entrance song to White Wedding by Billy Idol!  But we did this because white was a great way to utilize lighting in the space- it would reflect and array of colors, and was at once glamorous and tailored looking.  We worked with her to create an all white, modern look for her ceremony and reception, softened by amazing lighting, glamorous crystals and tons of draping and flowers.  Our team for the night included Verde Flowers, and Luminous Lighting.

Finally, we chose to seat guests at one long table, and dine family style…. This enabled us to maximize on that feeling of intimacy by creating points for interaction between guests.   Thanks so much to Perceptions Photography for sending over these photos!


What They Did Right: Mary & Jason at The Altman Building

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My very first professional event that I planned after college was in May of 2000. It was a black tie dinner/ afterparty for The Clio Awards and we held it at The Altman Building on W. 18th Street. I fell in love with the space and always wanted to do a wedding there… but somehow, the chance kept alluding us. So when Mary & Jason decided that they wanted to have their cocktail style wedding reception there, I was so excited!

Mary and Jason really wanted to have a big ol’ party.  Jason owns Bourbon Street, a bar uptown, so a good party was important. They knew from the beginning they wanted a cocktail party vs. a sit down dinner, with a great cover band and a DJ later on.  And that is exactly what they had- AFTER their beautiful church ceremony uptown.  The party was SO good in fact that 1) Mayra declared it “the best cake she’d ever had” 2)The DJing and Dancing evolved into Karaoke with dance routines 3) the Franciscan priest who married them was there dancing up a storm in his robes AND kept it moving to the after party.  And maybe some of us did too.. but I’m not naming names.

Mary was so much fun to work with! She used a navy palette to keep the wedding chic but sophisticated.  Verde created several composite pieces for each table as well as these stunning accent pieces made of gigantic balls of floral.  Guests mixed and mingled all night, and as these photos tell… danced. Their photographer, Robert Wagner once again did an OUTSTANDING job!

We loved Mary so much, she’s been working with us on weekends! She was so excited to start, her first wedding was the day after she got back from her honeymoon!  So congratulations to the happy couple and Welcome to the team Mary! MaryJasonmaryjason2

Sneak Peak: Mary and Jason

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Mayra worked on this awesome wedding for Mary and Jason at The Altman Building this past weekend.  Mary and Jason wanted a cocktail party as fun as they were, so after their church ceremony, under some slightly damp skies, their guests headed via shuttles from their uptown church to the Chelsea loft space where, a swanky, Navy blue and white affair awaited them.  I was so excited for this great couple and Mayra and I just loved Mary. By the time I stopped by to say hello to the couple, the evening had evolved to include karaoke, N-Sync choreography and an all around great time.  (Even their priest made it to the after-party!).  Jason is one of the owners of  Bourbon Street, so this couple doesn’t know how to have a good time, who would??  Here are some of their great pics by Robert Wagner and flowers by Verde. (Can you peep the GIANT flower balls by the stage in their first dance photo? They were bigger than me! Awesome!)


Congratulations to Mary and Jason and Kudos to Mayra and her AAB team. For people who don’t work with us, Mayra and I split clients. And while we choose to work together on most of our wedding days (because we enjoy the QT) occasionally, it isn’t possible. So, in case you are wondering where I was, Anna (our former bride and now AAB coordinator) and I were working on a smaller wedding downtown where my bride caught on fire. (I put this at the end of the post to see who was paying attention, btw). Literally, just as I was about the open the door to cue the music for her to walk down the aisle, I heard her say “I’m on Fire”. Sadly, she didn’t mean that she was “fine” or feeling particularly funny that day. It appeared that in effort to lean against the wall to catch her breath, her train caught a decorative candle! She was amazingly calm and we put out the flames and pinned up the burn in about…. oh I’d say 30 seconds. I’ve never moved so fast in my entire life. The bride was so excited to be getting married, she wasn’t phased AT ALL. That was a career first. Other than that, the rest of the night moved smoothly and I look forward to sharing photos of their single long table for 103 guests !!!

Like a Moth to a Flame

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Lots of you gals may be looking at historic/ landmark venues: be it a historic mansion, home or something like Grand Central.  It’s not uncommon for these locations to require that you not have any “open flame” or, more specifically, you have “enclosed flame”. And, can you blame them?  If a place has survived a hundred years of weddings, who wants it to be your Uncle Jimmy knocking over a candelabra that puts an end to that?

A lot of the time, gals get depressed thinking that their dreams of thousands and thousands of candles will need to be tossed to the side.  Fret not, ladies!  Just because they don’t want fire willy nilly, doesn’t mean that there aren’t GORGEOUS ways to capture candle light on your table tops.

Here are amazingly elegant (and lavish) centerpieces with pillar candles enclosed in elevated hurricane vases, which would definitely meet the standard of “enclosed” candlelight by most locations. (via Get Married)
Burley Wedding

In fact, hurricanes alone are a great look if you are aiming for something a bit more clean and simple.  Here’s an outdoor look that utilizes only hurricanes and pebbles… remember, sometimes, even when you are outside at a historic location or state part, etc, you may need to enclose your flame! It’s a great thing to ask about.  This via Wedding Bee.14439.table_decor_3.jpg

If you are a creative genius or have hired one ;-), you can create your own UNIQUE way to capture flame.  Here, for a celebration of typography, David Stark created these unique candle stands that illuminated images of type.  (via Bliss Tree)typography-centerpiece-david-stark-397x590

Of course, there are always lanterns! They are beyond chic, as exemplified with this STUNNING event by Exceptional Events via Style Me Pretty.


t20Finally, what if your venue says ABSOLUTELY NO FIRE?  Well,  you can always utilize LED lights.  Recently, at Tiffany and Pedro’s wedding, Vanessa at Verde Flowers did just that.  Their location allowed NO pen flame, and so Vanessa did amazing things with tea lights and candelabras to enclose the fire AND LED pillar candles around the rest of the area.  The bottom line? Don’t let restrictions get you down, there are tons of creative ways to work around them!