What They Did Right: Janet & Matt

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I was so excited when I got an email from Janet the other day. She had seen my post on yellow and silver inspirations and thought I might like to see shots of her West Coast wedding.  I didn’t just LIKE them, I LOVED them!  Some of you may have seen this stunning wedding shot by Stephanie Williams Photography, but if you haven’t, be prepared for a treat.  Janet and Matt used Yellow and Silver and spiced it up with little splashes of red… Such a delightful detail. She also pulled out the most glorious little detail- the heart from her invitations- and pulled it into her adorable Vivian Westwood shoes (her dress was Pronovias, btw).  I forgot to ask her who designed her wonderful stationary, but I think that the bride herself may have had a hand it it… it just has such a fantastic personal feel to it.


One thing that I love that Janet and Matt did was to really style their fabulous wedding party. I just adored the bridesmaids dresses, which were from J.Crew. These photos go to show that when it comes to things like accessories, there is no detail that is too small. The added splashes of color from the bridesmaids’ bracelets gave them such a “finished” look. And I adored Matt’s tie!!!  This color scheme worked so well for them because their ceremony was able to have a much more romantic and soft summer feeling, while the reception got “spiced” up a bit with some more hints of red! Here are some shots of their attire and the gorgeous chapel in Palo Alto where they had their ceremony.


The couple then headed to the Rosewood Sand Resort for their reception.  Janet said that they spent a ton of time on DIY details, and her hard work paid off.  Here are some shots of the fantastic details, but for more stunning pics of this wedding, head over to Stephanie’s blog.  Wasn’t Janet just the most adorable bride?  Wishing her and Matt a very, very blessed marriage!


Amy Atlas Inspirations

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I love when I get new photos of Amy Atlas’ fabulous dessert displays. They always inspire me!  I loved her Pink and Yellow Diamond Dessert table- especially because of it’s bold and daring color scheme. I liked it so much it even motivated me to do a quicky inspiration board!  Here’s Amy’s fabulous holiday table, more pics of which can be seen on her wonderful blog.


And here are some of the images I pulled out of the Always a Bridesmaid wedding magazine archives.  Since I can only give credit where I can remember or read the text, here goes my best shot!  The Cake is from Lovin’ Sullivan Cakes, the first table is a Preston Bailey that was done for Modern Bride. And the final bouquet was by Matthew David for an ancient copy of InStyle Weddings… but that would still be quite the statement today.


Trends for 2010: Yellow, White & Silver

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So, as I mentioned yesterday, I spent the last few days in Indianapolis at the Association of Bridal Consultant’s annual conference.  It was a fantastic experience because I got to hear about what wedding trends and traditions were like all over the country  AND we got to hear some great speakers including Emily Post (Yes, I wrote Emily Post, who died in 1960 something….. I’m tired. Sorry Emily) Peggy Post of the Post Institute.

Peggy told us to expect to see (for better or for worse) more digital invitations (on the downside) and more colored gowns (on the upside).

The BIG trend report was the colors for 2010: We’ll be on the lookout for Yellow, White & Silver as the pallete of the year.  As Yellow is MY FAVORITE color (and I wear it all the time!) I was so excited.  And when I started trolling the internet for pictures, I found LOTS OF 2010  brides asking for help gathering images and things.  So, here is one inspiration boards that I found on Brendas Wedding Blog.


These other boards are from a great forum from Canadian Bride.  I don’t know where she sourced all of her images, but aren’t these great?

A+Room+Reveals+A+Wedding-black,+white,+grey,+yellowYELLOW+&+GREENSo , what do you think about this new trend for weddings?

I have to say, we have long been fans of this color combo- in fact we were just reminiscing the other day about a disastrous photos  shoot that we did with Dante Williams involving Ice Sculptures and an un-air conditioned room with a table in this pallete….. I should post the video. It’s pretty funny.

Tomorrow, Mayra’s recap of her trip to Amelia Island…. I saw wedding planners, but she got to see a GIRAFFE!!!!

Summer Soiree: Blue & Yellow

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As I mentioned yesterday we hit up the Veranda at The Hotel Roger Williams last night for a party hosted by Francesca Abbracciamento, Ceci NY and, of course, the Hotel Roger Williams.  Kathi Littwin sent us this awesome photos of the event with floral by Fleurs. The suite there is amazing, but these photos capture the lovely palette of the event- which was a contrast of citrus and electric tones.  Just lovely. Yellow is my FAVORITE color, so this just made me smile. Perfect for a summer event in the city!


Mellow Yellow

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The Q:  I’ve been thinking about yellow as our main color, since we’ll be dancing to the  song Yellow, but I’m not sure how we can make that work.  What are some color combinations that might do well with Yellow.  We’re a late summer wedding.

The A:  I LOVE LOVE LOVE yellow (I own 4 pairs of yellow shoes!) so I’m always excited to see it as part of an event pallete.  It always stands out, even if it isn’t a MAIN color, but here are some looks that I think could work….

If you are thinking a more formal affair, yellow and grey are a gorgeous and sophisticated pallete.  This is a sample table we did with yellow tulips, yellow accents and yellow lighting.

For something more romantic, yellow and white is a classic.  This is courtesy Modern Bride from several years ago…

It can go monochromatic, like this very Mexican styled affair, where linens and fabrics set the tone.

Or as an accent color.  Here it’s a slight contrast with Pink and Orange against a taupe cloth.

And my final favorite, from Elegant Bride, circa, ’04.  Black and White with yellow accents! Awesome for bold daytime look.  (ps, why I love this so much is that from a rental perspective this is full of smart financial and design choices- folding chairs, standard linens in stripes and basic glassware!)