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What happens when you have an early Catholic ceremony…and a long gap before your reception? Well, Victoria and Julio wanted to do one group shot in Central Park. When they told me about it, I LOVED the idea. They had a small enough group that it was perfectly manageable. The park was also close enough not to be annoying, but far enough to eat up some of our gap time.

So after the ceremony we headed to Central Park. Let me set it up for you. The weather was even better than we expected and was borderline hot, which was new for this year. Also, while I often wear flats at weddings, this day I decided to get fancy and wear heels, and I forgot to pack my trusty back-up pair of gold flip-flops. Oh, did I also forget to mention that while I was fluffing her dress as she headed down the aisle, one of my dress buttons popped off? Yeah, now you know why I am going to bootcamp!

So after the ceremony we all headed to Central Park. The walk was lovely, and despite some high heels and high heat, people kept up their good spirits!  Victoria and Julio lead the pack with huge smiles.


I was toward the end of the walking line. Officially, I was there to make sure no one stayed behind, and so that the photographer would know when we were all there, but honestly I just can’t walk that fast in heels. Some of the female guests also had similar problems, so we kept each other company at the back of the line!

Now, wasn’t this worth the walk?! Here is the group shot captured by the wonderful Elisabeth Millay!



  1. Katee Grace
    July 16, 2009

    that is quite possibly the largest group photo for a wedding I’ve EVER seen! Wonderful job guys!!! :) :)
    Congrats Sweet and Adventurous Julio & Victoria!

  2. jenifriend
    July 17, 2009

    the trek was well worth it! you took a great shot and i just adore everything about it!!


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