Wedding Gowns for Brides Who Hate Their Arms

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Screen Shot 2013-01-24 at 1.00.59 PMFour More Years- of the First Lady’s amazing Arms. But, the truth is for many of us (especially, I’ll be frank, a lot of us post-30) the right to bare arms is one we’d just as happily take a pass on. SURE you can kill yourself with a work out routine to try and tone them up, but you could also shop smart and find a killer gown to mask your less favorite parts. Instead of fretting, BUY confidence knowing you have strategically placed fabric. Here are some stunning gowns that will mask flab, blubber, and untone-ness for those of you who don’t feel like being besties with Tracie Anderson from now until your wedding day.

For the whimsical gal with untoned arms, killer ankles and a shoe obsession, I LOVE this gown from Elizabeth Fillmore via Project Wedding.

Screen Shot 2013-01-24 at 1.08.20 PMFor the bride with that weird “pocket” (you know what I”m talking about, it’s basically right betwixt your armpit and your the area above your bra) we love this because it’s still sexy, shows a bit of leg and hugs the curves. From Monique Lhuillier via Martha Stewart Weddings.
Screen Shot 2013-01-24 at 1.15.01 PMSometimes something no one else would be bothered by, bothers us. My cousin was obsessed for some time about “flab” around her elbow. I never noticed it and frankly, I’ve never heard of an exercise for that, but it bugged her. SO, for the bride who loves her shoulders, but perhaps her little elbows are a bit more dimply than she would care for, This Valentino is fabulous. Via Glamour Mexico.
Just because you don’t love your arms, does NOT mean you don’t want to feel like a princess, and just because you want to feel like a princess does not mean you need to be in a strapless dress.  Marchesa Gown I love this Marchesa gown particularly because it still shows the collar bone (which I find to be one of the prettiest areas to show off for a bride… and I think with or without realizing it, one of the reasons so many brides had loved strapless for all those years.  Anyway, this Marchesa gown is actually going to be on sale this WEEKEND at Gabriella New York at their Marchesa Trunk Show.   They have something for everyone stylish… even those of you who LOVE their arms.

For the bride with a GREAT bod and an amazing back – but maybe a bit of cellulite (it happens) , I love this Heidi Elnora gown aptly named the Olive Oil!  So whatever body part you may want to show or want to forget about, don’t fret!  Remember, it’s true of gowns and guys: there is a lid for every pot! OliveOil



  1. Clara
    January 27, 2013

    Great suggestions!

    • The Blogsmaid
      January 29, 2013

      Thanks! This week we’ll tackle a different problematic body part :-)


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