Why I Heart Chuppahs

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Recently, I worked on a wedding for an absolutely AWESOME couple (and fellow Brown alums) where the bride’s sister was an artist. As a wedding present to the couple, she created for them a hand painted Chuppah cover with an abstract image of lower Manhattan, where the couple had made their home.
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I love the Chuppah because of it’s symbolism (it represents the marital home the couple will build together, which is why it needs to be open on the sides to encourage hospitality), but it is ALSO a fantastic way to personalize your ceremony. While Chuppahs are a wonderful opportunity for your florist or designer to showcase their bravura, I personally lean towards those Chuppahs that are a bit lighter on design and heavier on symbolism. Obviously, not everyone has an artistic sister like Heather’s, but that isn’t the only way in which a chuppah can be personal. For Rachel and Noah’s wedding last year, we used Noah’s two great-grandfather’s talis to create a simple, but meaningful chuppah canopy for their ceremony. The Chuppah didn’t just represent their home, but it represented their past and future all at the same time.

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They are ALSO really cool canvasses for personal, creative expression! I saw this Chuppah on Mishka Designs blog and it so reminded me of Papel Picado that should my next wedding be a multi-culti, Judeo-Christian interfaith celebration, I’m stealing this idea! Que Cute!
Screen shot 2010-07-26 at 3.00.50 PM
And, actually, the Chuppah is a really GREAT opportunity to blend cultures should you be having an interfaith or multi-cultural ceremony.  I found this stunning, suspended Chuppah that was created for a Hindu- Jewish wedding (or, as the bride hilariously refers to it on her website, their “Hin-Jew Wedding”). Screen shot 2010-07-26 at 3.09.45 PM I loved this because a) I always think of mandaps when I think of Chuppahs, as their symbolism and beauty are very similar and b) because I thought their interpretation really PERFECTLY blended their two cultures. c) I think suspended Chuppahs are REALLY COOL.

So, the message of the day kids is to look at your Chuppah not just as a necessity of your wedding, but as one more opportunity to infuse your day with a bit more of the two of you!


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  2. Michael and Anna Costa
    August 5, 2010

    Oh, they’re so romantic!

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