My Idea Of Choosing The Perfect Wedding Gown

It is every girl’s dream to dress up beautifully for her wedding. I am no different and would like to make sure everything is as close to perfect as it can be. One of the most important and crucial phases is the dressing up part. Even crucial is the process of selecting my wedding gown.

The Shopping

Wedding Dresses

Wedding Dresses

Shopping for my gown would be tiring and stressful. I would have suddenly entered a space where I have little to no experience. This unfamiliar ground would be swamped with different designs, styles, materials and I would have absolutely no idea where to begin. And of course, with the high emotions at stake, I would want to make sure I do it right.

I think the best way to select a gown best suited for me would be to go backward in my thought process. The venue would already have been decided by the time I go shopping. Depending on that I can adjust my budget requirements. If it is going to be a wedding that would be attended by close family and friends, it would be a waste to spend lakhs on it. Important as the dress maybe, I do not want to overspend on it.

The Design

Lace Wedding Dress

Lace Wedding Dress

Over the past years, there have been a lot of changes in the way designers do bridal gowns. Scores and scores of designs have emerged by both experienced designers and freelancers. One thing I am sure of it that I do not want to put my wedding gown in the hands of a freelancer. Freelancers are quick to design ready-made dresses but are often inexperienced when it comes to customizing wedding gowns. So, experienced designers, it is.

I will have to search through the designer’s collections and decide if their style would work on me. Better yet, I’ll take my mother’s and best friend’s advice on which style to go for. I have already made them write notes as I went on and on about my wishes and desires to my wedding. Now, all I need to do is find the ones that satisfy my requirements.

The Shortlisting

After researching about various designs and styles, I shall shortlist a few so that one or the other might just click. While doing that, however, I’ll make sure to try out every kind of fabric so that I’ll know which kind will gel with me.

I want to know how they feel as I move, dance and jump and if they accent my body shape.  I’ll also feel confident about where I am putting my money.

These designs make me feel special by just seeing them. The way their graceful layers fall towards the ground, the snow-white material and the tiny mirrors that light it up. They do not have the gaudy feel that most of the gowns I have seen in real life do.

The Appointment

I will schedule my appointment with the designer well in advance so that I shall be mentally prepared for the interaction. I know there will be assessment, trials, and retrials until one is selected to be the best suited.

I have cleared my whole day for this particular purpose and would want the gown to emphasize my natural body shape while at the same time look simple and elegant.

The Selection

The Bride

The Bride

Finally, once I have selected the one I think would suit me beautifully, I wouldn’t want to go back and forth on my decision. Also, once I have decided the gown, I will no longer try more pieces as they will only prolong the selection process and make me doubt myself.

Though all of this would happen five to six months in advance because that is when I would have to order the dress, I wouldn’t want to get to the fitting phase well until the wedding is a week or so away. They say a bride loses weight during the time of her wedding.

I wouldn’t want to get it fitted well in advance only to change the fittings once again at the time of the wedding. Resizing it a week ahead should work.

Trusting my decision, I would declare myself prepared for the best day of my life.

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