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Wedding Planning Tips: Likely Problems And How I Deal With Them

Wedding planning is considered to be one of the fastest growing businesses with an exquisitely stable nature in the modern economy. This is strictly because the wedding planning demands an indefinite number of man hours to formulate logical, practical, and efficient strategies to deal with the chaotic and muddled aspects of a perfect wedding. I’ve laid down a list of the various problems common to all the soon to be wedded couples, and the methods I’d like them to adopt in order to deal with these issues effectively.

Backup Plan

Backup Plan

Likely Problems And How To Deal With Them

  • Sticking To The Limited Budget

    One of the primary issues concerned with managing any type of event is the budget. The pressure of providing the guests with what they like and deserve will always persist in your mind.

    I have found that collaborating with the right wedding planner in the market to fulfill these purposes will always turn out to be fruitful for both the parties as you get discounted services and offers in the future. During our weddings, we need to make a checklist and do all the planning. Whilst the planning will drain out all the time, we’d have no time left for the perfect execution. What’s more upsetting is we would have to meet the moment when we realize we have missed out something really, really important. At least, this is exactly what happened in my friend’s wedding.

    I had learnt my lesson then. As for my wedding, I was wise enough to hire a planner and simply discuss what’s possible within my budget and some negotiations, of course. Read My Secret To Organizing A Budget Wedding.

  • Dealing With Unrealistic Expectations

    Happy Wedding

    Happy Wedding

    Another major problem that comes up when planning a wedding nowadays is the unrealistic expectations bred by the TV entertainment and reality shows. These scripted programs have glorified the non-existent perception of a perfect wedding which includes walking into a venue and on-the-spot cake tasting without an appointment.

    I won’t blame myself for having an expectation. But it is important to know if it will even fit in within your budget. You can’t simply push the pressure of setting up an unrealistic wedding plan within an inconceivable budget and expect the wedding to be a flawless success. Research some reality and dream about your fairytale wedding, if you don’t want any mess around.

  • Vendor Preference

    Now you have this best friend of yours who can make awesome food and have always wanted to be your wedding chef. If I were you, I wouldn’t say a “just for the friendship sake” yes for the request. If in reality, this friend has a restaurant running (that can possibly feed the ample guests of the wedding), then you can suggest this person to the planner and consult with them regarding your preference. No planner would deny if your preferences are realistic.

    Similarly, I had discussed with my planner regarding some vendor preferences. In fact, I accepted when the planners came up with valid reasons to reject two or three vendor suggestions.

  • Dealing With The Partner’s Plan



    I had a theme in my head that I thought would make my wedding simply perfect. Did I think about my partner’s preference? No! Will I blame myself if my partner has a change of preferences? Absolutely, No!

    After all, there starts our happy ending. In fact, it is the start of a new life. Coming to a conclusion regarding all the wedding needs without consulting my partner is a big NO for me. I’d suggest you try the discussion part and accept if there is change of preferences. You guys can talk about it, come to a conclusion that won’t upset either of you and fulfill the needs of the guests. This wedding planning with your planner might bring you, even more closerto your partner, more as companions. Now, that’s where you learn to deal with the common issues in your life – stand together and face it!

Final Word

I hope the aforementioned tips will enable you to deal with the highly dramatic, chaotic, and emotion-driven set of events that constitute a wedding day.

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