The Moments I Tell The Cameraman Not To Miss In A Wedding

A wedding is a joyous and exciting occasion. For a majority of brides and grooms, the wedding day itself may pass in a blur, but the memories attached to that day will last a lifetime.

The tearing up of a father’s eyes as he hands his daughter over or the utter delight on a sibling’s face during the kiss. These are the moments that matter, moments that a good photographer ought to capture.

Granted each couple is different. And while Jane and Clark might be okay with the cameraman missing the arrival of guests shot, June and Dean might be devastated if that shot is missing. However, from experience and a lifetime of doing this, these are the seven most important shots I always tell the cameraman not to miss.

The Expression On The Groom’s Face

The Expression On The Groom’s Face

There is that moment when a bride steps onto the aisle. Time ceases to exist, and everyone’s attention, especially the groom’s, is focused on the bride. The groom might grin, tear up or just be completely floored. I will tell you one thing for sure, that is the photograph most brides treasure. Any good photographer must remain vigilant not miss that shot.

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The Bride Walking Down The Aisle

When little girls dream of their wedding, everything else might be indistinct, but one thing is always crystal clear, the vision of themselves walking down the aisle in a beautiful white gown. Little girls practice this walk until they perfect it.

During the actual wedding, every bride dreams that the cameraman will capture this moment perfectly; that a well-taken photograph will immortalize the joy and elegance of that moment.

Exchange Of Vows And Rings

As the couple recites their vows and exchange rings, they often get so lost in each other’s eyes that their love is almost tangible. The invisible connection between them is all but visible.

I call this ‘the moment.’ Because when the couple is old and wrinkly, they will remember that moment. That exact second when they looked into each other’s eyes so overwhelmed with love and vowed to cherish each other forever. No photographer should deny a couple that photo.

The First Kiss

The First Kiss

I bet even the most clueless photographer knows this is a must. “You may kiss the bride” is one of the most famous phrases known to man. Every bride and I daresay even groom, look forward to that moment when they get to kiss their loved one in front of everyone they love.

It is a fun and lovely moment; and more often than not, this particular photograph is framed. I therefore always remind any cameraman I am working with to ensure they get a flawless photo of the kiss.

The Dance

The dance is a broad juncture that encompasses three very important moments.

  • The couple’s first dance.
  • The father-daughter dance.
  • The mother-son dance.

These three dances carry with them very deep emotions. A mother letting go of the son, a father letting go of the daughter and a couple’s first act together. It is a photographer’s responsibility to capture these special moments.

Unexpected Moments

When a couple reminisces about their wedding day, it is the unexpected moments they laugh about delighted.

In a movie, they call them bloopers. In a wedding, it is the endearing moment a groom chastely kissed the bride’s cheek or when a bride laughed hysterically at something the groom said. Better yet, it is when the bride tripped and almost fell only to be rescued by the gallant groom. These moments whether perfectly captured or not, carry with them the best of memories.

A good photographer should strive to capture as many unexpected moments as possible.

The Couple Leaving

The Couple Leaving

More than any other moment beforehand, the couple leaving carries the most nostalgia. The craziness of the wedding is over and the couple, now one entity leaves to start a life together. From personal experience, this was a bittersweet moment. And I was glad our cameraman was able to capture the conflicting emotions in one faultless photo.


Ultimately, each couple has their unique quirks. And ideally, I think a photographer should sit with both the bride and groom and write down their expectations.

However, the above seven moments should be on every wedding photographer’s list.

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