The wedding has always been a terrific task to organize and manage for anyone, the brides are always tensed about the dresses, the food, the decoration, the guests, the idea, the bridesmaid and et cetera. But what if, all these stresses can be swiped away through just one call! Yes, hiring just a perfect team for arranging everything from flowers to event decoration and dresses for the wedding ceremony will make it less stressful and more stylish event for the brides. We, Always a Blogsmaid (AaB) are one such firm, who would answer all the questions of the customers and will provide the clients with some genuine professional advice.

Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake


 The Moment Where It All Started

Always a Blogsmaid (AaB) was originated in 2003 with the notion that special and personal moments should be celebrated with unforgettable style. According to our AaB team, one’s celebration should seem like it could only have been entertained and hosted by or for us only. The job that Always a Blogsmaid takes upon is to transpose our customer’s personality, taste, and style into an event that will endure in the memory of everyone who visits the ceremony including the hosts!

The sole mission of AaB is to guide our customers to choose better and more unique from what we could have created on our own. We strive to escort our clients aside from the “rules” of event hosting when the rules are of not any concern. In fact, we help to walk us towards the ideas that will improve and enhance our celebration.

Commitment – Work – Clients – All That We Know

Always a Blogsmaid (AaB) sustains a certain commitment towards our work and our clients. These commitments include

  • Understanding the client’s’ unique and individual needs and ideas.
  • Using the expertise of our team on the field and area to promote client’s celebrations.
  • Fulfilling the client’s’ purposes for our ceremony.
  • Persistent awareness and consciousness of cutting-edge trends.
  • Coming up with a practical design that is as satisfactory and comfortable as it is charming.
  • Working with Vendors of the same commitment level and integrity.
  • Creating solutions where none currently exist and offering the clients with some creative and relevant ideas.

AaB offers an exclusively all-inclusive, one-stop shop for full Event Planning and Production Aids for weddings, social events, corporate and charitable galas.  For all the events, AaB offers Decor services, which comprises of planning an overall mood board for the event, selecting rentals, directing floral design, etc.

Though Always a Blogsmaid (AaB) does not offer any type of partial planning services, one of our sister company offers Month-of Coordination under the company name ‘Just About Married’.

Newly wed send off

Newly wed send off

Not Missing Out The Team, Of Course!

Always a Blogsmaid (AaB) has a team full of analytical, logical, budgetary, logistical and creative people. Moreover, AaB team all have a knack for party planning, we just love to plan and party and execute the idea of planning a different party every time. Our team has a high quotient of inquisitiveness and implementing tactics for all the ideas we come across from the clients or from the research we do.

Our team of Always a Blogsmaid (AaB) helps in organizing functions and ceremonies for a product launch, milestone event, and wedding. Our team celebrates these important days and events with us but first, we make sure everything and everyone are at our right designated places for the event to be a successful one.