Top Tips To Plan Your Wedding And Enjoy It Too

It is believed to be a common notion that marriage, for both men and women, can be an overwhelming experience. That one day, for which some wait all their lives, surely comes around with all the happiness, but doesn’t spare a soul by bringing along fears. To some people, a perfect wedding is their ultimate dream. And nightmares of their wedding not being perfect start haunting them months before that special day actually arrives.

In the pursuit of pulling of that fascinating wedding you’ve been so dearly waiting for, one has to go through a series of setbacks and problems, especially those who take the courage to plan their own weddings. To those people, you have our respect.

Planning a wedding is not just a hectic assignment, but also an unpredictable affair. The people who plan their own weddings get the feeling of carrying the weight of the world. Much to the extent that they seclude from enjoying their own wedding. However, this doesn’t have to be necessary. You can smile as wide as the guests at your own wedding, just follow these tips of successful wedding planning, and you’ll be all set for your special day:

·       Invite Your Lucky Humpers

LuckyHumpers -

LuckyHumpers –

Ha! You wouldn’t believe this trend but here it is – humpers. Lil humpers, lucky humpers – call them whatever you want but it’s all about these young guys bringing the most of the fun to all mature women guests on your wedding. Available to see at you can be a judge yourself if this kind of entertainment is something you are looking for. Chances are 99% that the answer is YES!

·       Let Others Give You A Hand

We understand that feeling of possessiveness about your wedding, wanting all things to be settled the way you want. But it doesn’t harm to count on your close ones for the same things. Let your family and friends jump in the wedding talk and share the weight with them. Afterall, everyone wants to see you smile.

·       Do You Homework

Now, before you begin to have second thoughts, homework means your research. Planning your wedding requires you to have knowledge of the resources, and the ways to execute your plan. You have to be aware of the things present around you, all you have to do is research well, and you will find yourself a step ahead of yourself.

All you have to do is research well

·       Plan And Stick To Your Budget

The principal factor that governs your wedding is the budget that you set for the same. Whether it’s getting the resources, hiring people, or booking a place, you’ll have to take a look at your budget before you decide on any of these things. Also, wedding plans can have several temptations across the way, in this case, try and kill your temptations and STICK TO THE PLAN.

·       Prioritize Your Agendas

Wedding plans are a conjuncture of a number of things that need supervision. But, at the same time, it is almost equally necessary to know what’s important at a particular instant of time. For instance, you should first organize your resources, and then focus on the execution of plans.

·       Make A Schedule

A good and healthy practice when wedding plans are considered is to make a timeline of things you need to do all across the time before your wedding. This helps you to keep your work organized and minimizes the chances of chaos, which never comes as a surprise to anyone at the time of a wedding.

·       Pick Your Team Wisely

Picking up your best people for organizing the wedding is one of the most crucial tasks you’ll come across. The bridesmaids and the best man are people who can turn the tables around and do almost all the work for you. No wonder they’re the most loved persons in your life. Try and avoid making poor decisions for this.

The bridesmaids and the best man are people who can turn the tables around

·       Take Some Time Out For Yourself

Now, here is the most important and crucial part. Planning a wedding is one thing but making it all worth it is another. You MUST enjoy your wedding. So, while you’re busy scratching heads across months, take some time out and go watch a movie, or have dinner with your partner. Also, DON’T forget your friends. After all, they’re universally known for reducing stress, or otherwise.

If you keep in mind these small tips, you can have a successful plan and substantial enjoyment for yourself. But like any other lifestyle blog that tells you these things, like this one did, you must not forget that at the end of the day, you’re planning for YOUR special day, and you have every right to enjoy it. So, when that day arrives, don’t forget to decorate yourself with a wide smile.

The Moments I Tell The Cameraman Not To Miss In A Wedding

A wedding is a joyous and exciting occasion. For a majority of brides and grooms, the wedding day itself may pass in a blur, but the memories attached to that day will last a lifetime.

The tearing up of a father’s eyes as he hands his daughter over or the utter delight on a sibling’s face during the kiss. These are the moments that matter, moments that a good photographer ought to capture.

Granted each couple is different. And while Jane and Clark might be okay with the cameraman missing the arrival of guests shot, June and Dean might be devastated if that shot is missing. However, from experience and a lifetime of doing this, these are the seven most important shots I always tell the cameraman not to miss.

The Expression On The Groom’s Face

The Expression On The Groom’s Face

There is that moment when a bride steps onto the aisle. Time ceases to exist, and everyone’s attention, especially the groom’s, is focused on the bride. The groom might grin, tear up or just be completely floored. I will tell you one thing for sure, that is the photograph most brides treasure. Any good photographer must remain vigilant not miss that shot.

Discovering Deep Lush

Deep Lush - Secret of Grooms

Deep Lush – Secret of Grooms

Seeing Deep Lush website for the very first time is quite an experience. The dull video content that you saw daily on the web porn sites can disappear. With Deep Lush you are entering a brand new world of chemistry, intimacy and lust. Something like getting married. But you are still free to do whatever you like. This series is surely becoming popular among all grooms!

The Bride Walking Down The Aisle

When little girls dream of their wedding, everything else might be indistinct, but one thing is always crystal clear, the vision of themselves walking down the aisle in a beautiful white gown. Little girls practice this walk until they perfect it.

During the actual wedding, every bride dreams that the cameraman will capture this moment perfectly; that a well-taken photograph will immortalize the joy and elegance of that moment.

Exchange Of Vows And Rings

As the couple recites their vows and exchange rings, they often get so lost in each other’s eyes that their love is almost tangible. The invisible connection between them is all but visible.

I call this ‘the moment.’ Because when the couple is old and wrinkly, they will remember that moment. That exact second when they looked into each other’s eyes so overwhelmed with love and vowed to cherish each other forever. No photographer should deny a couple that photo.

The First Kiss

The First Kiss

I bet even the most clueless photographer knows this is a must. “You may kiss the bride” is one of the most famous phrases known to man. Every bride and I daresay even groom, look forward to that moment when they get to kiss their loved one in front of everyone they love.

It is a fun and lovely moment; and more often than not, this particular photograph is framed. I therefore always remind any cameraman I am working with to ensure they get a flawless photo of the kiss.

The Dance

The dance is a broad juncture that encompasses three very important moments.

  • The couple’s first dance.
  • The father-daughter dance.
  • The mother-son dance.

These three dances carry with them very deep emotions. A mother letting go of the son, a father letting go of the daughter and a couple’s first act together. It is a photographer’s responsibility to capture these special moments.

Unexpected Moments

When a couple reminisces about their wedding day, it is the unexpected moments they laugh about delighted.

In a movie, they call them bloopers. In a wedding, it is the endearing moment a groom chastely kissed the bride’s cheek or when a bride laughed hysterically at something the groom said. Better yet, it is when the bride tripped and almost fell only to be rescued by the gallant groom. These moments whether perfectly captured or not, carry with them the best of memories.

A good photographer should strive to capture as many unexpected moments as possible.

The Couple Leaving

The Couple Leaving

More than any other moment beforehand, the couple leaving carries the most nostalgia. The craziness of the wedding is over and the couple, now one entity leaves to start a life together. From personal experience, this was a bittersweet moment. And I was glad our cameraman was able to capture the conflicting emotions in one faultless photo.


Ultimately, each couple has their unique quirks. And ideally, I think a photographer should sit with both the bride and groom and write down their expectations.

However, the above seven moments should be on every wedding photographer’s list.

Websites For Inspiration When I Am Planning A Wedding

It often happens for a creative individual, including me that the flow of ideas just seems to face a halt and block your imagination. This is a low time for me as I feel devoid of any inspiration for new ideas or concepts in order to plan a perfectly unique wedding. Read How I Use Decoration To Bring Out The Wedding Mood.

To combat this situation of creative block, I like to surf various websites to gain inspiration and ideas for my next project.

Rings on Wedding Cupcake


Some Websites To Know

Following is a list of websites that have helped me get through this block.

  • Bridal Bliss

    Featured in the Oregon Bride Magazine as the best wedding planning organization for the last 10 years, the Bridal Bliss wedding planning website displays a gallery comprising of a variety of exquisitely designed themes specifically aimed at planning a memorable and stylish event.

  • No Worries

    Specializing in wedding planning and corporate event planning, the No Worries organization is based out of Los Angeles. With a gallery full of the company’s recent ventures, you can get ideas for developing an original unique concept for planning your own event. There is a section of aspiring wedding planners on the website which I personally love to read as it gives me an insight into the thinking of one of the best planners in the business.

  • Sara Renee Events

    Having received the Couples’ Choice Award of the Wedding Wire magazine for 5 consecutive years, the event planning firm is committed to enhancing the wedding experience by incorporating unique and innovative ideas in their planning process. If you want to bring in an innovative touch to your next project, I highly recommend checking out this website for unconventionally unique concepts.

  • The Event Production

    The award-winning Event Production team, specializing in managing corporate, wedding, and social events, believe in transcending the traditional aesthetics and going on about their business keeping in mind the phrase “no event is created equal”. The gallery capturing the firm’s ventures, available on the website, will provide you with a detailed insight into the aspects that constitute the perfectly planned events.

  • Chappelow Events

    Another website that I like to visit from time to time is the Chappelow Events website. Being an exquisite award-winning event management firm, it believes in blending the traditional concept with newer unique and innovative concepts. The blog which is available on the web page displays the firm’s recent ventures and provides you with information about the minutest of details involved in planning the event.

  • RVL Event Design AndPlanning

    The RVL Event Design and Planning website is one of my favorite websites to visit for inspiration. According to me, the events planned by the firm are a work of art and truly defy the conventional methods of event planning. I highly recommend checking out their exquisite work that is available on their webpage.

Final Word

Wedding Bouquet

Wedding Bouquet

Creativity is born from inspiration, and without the right direction, finding inspiration can seem like an impossible task. All these websites have one or the other factor about them that just triggers the creative nerve in your mind to formulate new and innovative concepts for your project.

Lovely Plate

Wedding Planning Tips: Likely Problems And How I Deal With Them

Wedding planning is considered to be one of the fastest growing businesses with an exquisitely stable nature in the modern economy. This is strictly because the wedding planning demands an indefinite number of man hours to formulate logical, practical, and efficient strategies to deal with the chaotic and muddled aspects of a perfect wedding. I’ve laid down a list of the various problems common to all the soon to be wedded couples, and the methods I’d like them to adopt in order to deal with these issues effectively.

Backup Plan

Backup Plan

Likely Problems And How To Deal With Them

  • Sticking To The Limited Budget

    One of the primary issues concerned with managing any type of event is the budget. The pressure of providing the guests with what they like and deserve will always persist in your mind.

    I have found that collaborating with the right wedding planner in the market to fulfill these purposes will always turn out to be fruitful for both the parties as you get discounted services and offers in the future. During our weddings, we need to make a checklist and do all the planning. Whilst the planning will drain out all the time, we’d have no time left for the perfect execution. What’s more upsetting is we would have to meet the moment when we realize we have missed out something really, really important. At least, this is exactly what happened in my friend’s wedding.

    I had learnt my lesson then. As for my wedding, I was wise enough to hire a planner and simply discuss what’s possible within my budget and some negotiations, of course. Read My Secret To Organizing A Budget Wedding.

  • Dealing With Unrealistic Expectations

    Happy Wedding

    Happy Wedding

    Another major problem that comes up when planning a wedding nowadays is the unrealistic expectations bred by the TV entertainment and reality shows. These scripted programs have glorified the non-existent perception of a perfect wedding which includes walking into a venue and on-the-spot cake tasting without an appointment.

    I won’t blame myself for having an expectation. But it is important to know if it will even fit in within your budget. You can’t simply push the pressure of setting up an unrealistic wedding plan within an inconceivable budget and expect the wedding to be a flawless success. Research some reality and dream about your fairytale wedding, if you don’t want any mess around.

  • Vendor Preference

    Now you have this best friend of yours who can make awesome food and have always wanted to be your wedding chef. If I were you, I wouldn’t say a “just for the friendship sake” yes for the request. If in reality, this friend has a restaurant running (that can possibly feed the ample guests of the wedding), then you can suggest this person to the planner and consult with them regarding your preference. No planner would deny if your preferences are realistic.

    Similarly, I had discussed with my planner regarding some vendor preferences. In fact, I accepted when the planners came up with valid reasons to reject two or three vendor suggestions.

  • Dealing With The Partner’s Plan



    I had a theme in my head that I thought would make my wedding simply perfect. Did I think about my partner’s preference? No! Will I blame myself if my partner has a change of preferences? Absolutely, No!

    After all, there starts our happy ending. In fact, it is the start of a new life. Coming to a conclusion regarding all the wedding needs without consulting my partner is a big NO for me. I’d suggest you try the discussion part and accept if there is change of preferences. You guys can talk about it, come to a conclusion that won’t upset either of you and fulfill the needs of the guests. This wedding planning with your planner might bring you, even more closerto your partner, more as companions. Now, that’s where you learn to deal with the common issues in your life – stand together and face it!

Final Word

I hope the aforementioned tips will enable you to deal with the highly dramatic, chaotic, and emotion-driven set of events that constitute a wedding day.

Groom and Bride

How I Use Decoration To Bring Out The Wedding Mood

As a professional wedding decorator, I love to have the wedding decorations set the mood. A wedding is an important event in the life of boththe bride as well as the bridegroom and often their loved ones too. The excited chatter, the busy preparations, and a pleasant anticipation that can so often be observed at any wedding are always best accompanied by glimmering decorations that match that mood and perhaps enhance the brightness of the occasion. Every piece of decoration speaks of the happy celebration in the air.

Decoration Ideas

Mr. & Mrs.

Mr. & Mrs.

The kind of decorations and the extent of detail may often depend on the budget one has for the wedding ceremony. However, when creativity pours out, then even low-budget ceremonies can look simply grand. Moreover, there is a whole host of DIY wedding ideas that people can try out. Read My Secret To Organizing A Budget Wedding.


Decoration ideas may be tried out with a variety of elements such as wedding cakes, bouquets, lamps and lighting, arrangements of food stalls, ribbons, linen, carpets and so much more. The decorative elements range from beads of varied kinds to exquisite lighting and flower arrangements that bring alive the moments.

Decoration Themes

Outdoor Wedding

Outdoor Wedding

Having a theme that underlies the entire decorative scheme has become very popular in recent times. From the wedding invitation to the event setting and decor, all fall in the same theme. There is a great deal of wedding theme ideas available such as peacock theme, beach theme, country theme and much more. Nowadays, there have been instances of fandom themes as well which have inspired some great wedding photo shoots.

Color Schemes

There is another trend that involves introducing a color scheme to the decorations. Be it the table linen, the chair covers, or the sashes, a great color scheme will certainly bring out a well-planned look to the whole setting.

Wedding Table

The wedding or the dining tables often hold the focus of the guests in any wedding. Be it the linen or the centerpiece, everything has to be thought about in order to get the perfect outcome. Confetti is generally considered to be a good addition.

Wedding Cake

Special Wedding Cake

Special Wedding Cake

There is not much that needs to be told regarding wedding cakes as most of us are already aware of the multitude of varieties and creative decorations with which cakes can be ordered. It is best for cake decorations to go along with the theme or color scheme, if any.

Wedding Flowers

There a thousand different ways in which flowers can become part of the wedding decorations. Be it the bouquet that the bride carries or the flowers that adorn the tables and the sides, one definitely requires an eye for detail when it comes to planning out the floral aspects, keeping the many factors such as size, shape, color, and number of flowers etc. in mind.


Perhaps the most impactful part of the whole decoration process, the lighting can be the key to setting the right mood. The look and visual appeal of all the other decorations depend on how the place is lighted. It affects everything from the mood of the gathering to the photographs that are clicked. Not only this, the decorative lights also play a great role in the visual appeal created.


Joyous Couple

Joyous Couple

I believe wedding decoration is an art, but at the same, it is very much a science. So as the floodgates of creativity and innovation open, they merge with planning and rationality to produce some of the most amazing decorated wedding sets that would sure set anyone’s mood and bring alive the celebrations that would be forever cherished.

My Secret To Organizing A Budget Wedding

All of us want our weddings to be a fabulous and memorable one. Even so, planning a wedding is a huge and stressful responsibility. With huge expectations and dreams, we want to go all out on our wedding plans. But is it possible to have an amazing wedding without the expenses going out of hand or before you go broke? The answer is yes!

Following some simple tricks and tips will go a long way to help you plan your wedding within an affordable budget. Here are some of the tricks I suggest for a successful wedding:

Decide Your Maximum Budget



As obvious as it seems, it is important for you to begin from the very start and decide the capping amount you are willing to spend. Decide what will be the maximum amount you will be able to spend on your wedding, taking into consideration all of the formalities also.

Get A Wedding Planner

The sooner you get a wedding planner, the better it is. A wedding planner will help you recognize the options you have available for yourself within the budget you have decided. From there on, you can choose the options more effectively.

Prioritize/Organize Your Expenses

Sweet Couple

Sweet Couple

The second big step to a successful wedding on a budget is to organize your expenses effectively. Create a checklist of all the things that will be necessary for the wedding. For example:


  • Wedding Dress
  • Venue
  • Photographer
  • Reception Food
  • Decorations
  • Music, etc.

Decide On The Necessary Expenses, Don’t Go Cheap

After you have decided on the items of your checklist, organize them according to your priorities and cut off all the expenses that do not seem necessary. The high priority items should not be compromised on. The expenses you know are necessary such as wedding dress, photographer, food, etc. should not be low quality or cheap. Read My Idea Of Choosing The Perfect Wedding Gown.

Don’t Forget The Areas On Which You Can Cut The Expenses

Party Drinks

Party Drinks

There are some areas which we emphasize more on, even when not needed. Some of the items that can be excluded or went low on, in my opinion, are:


  • Pre-Wedding Festivities – Cut down on the pre-wedding festivities or just hold small events inviting a small group of people to celebrate them. This will save you a lot of expenditure.
  • Wedding Dress (Renting) – Instead of buying an expensive wedding dress that you will probably not be wearing anywhere else, you can just go for the renting option. This will not only save you money but also offer you the dresses in trend for cheap.
  • Decorations (multi-purpose) – You can use the decorations that are multi-purpose, this will help you save on future expenditures.
  • Photography – You can use a reference or friend for the photography, this will help you get discounts and save money.
  • Catering Services – Instead of going for a high end catering or restaurant services, you can look for affordable and small chain caterers which offer delicious food.

Extra Tips To Save More

If the above points still do not help you, you can also go for saving on the jewellery by either renting it, buying it on discount or EMIs. Instead of using wedding cards for the invitation, you can go for a wedding website invitation that is much more affordable. For DJs, you can go for the low-end ones who still offer good music. Do not miss out these wedding card alternatives.


No matter what happens, never forget that you matter the most. You should focus your money on the things that you will remember the most from the very beginning. Create a budget and stick to it till the last moment, no matter how much society pressures you.

Wedding Party

Wedding Planning Tips: How I Deal With A Large Crowd

Planning a wedding is one hell of a task for anyone, so was my experience dealing with the management and planning a big fat wedding. Meanwhile, trying to do all the things that popped in my head and trying to get a smile on each guest’s face, I learned how to deal with the large crowd at the wedding. Though at first, it seems a horrendous task to start with but trust me it is one’s experience that will always be worth remembering and even more cherishing than the struggle, in future.

If you have a large family and you are marrying in your hometown then it is definitely going to be a big event to host for you. The main task of dealing with the large crowd starts with this basic idea of getting an understanding and consent that, what you have to deal with is on your plate now and start planning for the same right away.

Let me help you with some of the bullets that really helped me not only in dealing with a large crowd but also to put a smile on their faces!


Plan It After Researching

Plan Your Wedding

Plan Your Wedding

Planning and researching properly are the basic steps for any successful event ever hosted by anyone. Since I had to select many vendors and service providers for several works and functions, I had to first get an understanding of what and how the market for such services works. Therefore, I researched a lot, read nearly all the relevant articles, blogs, surfed many websites, et cetera. I nearly asked for brochures and quotations from nearly 10-15 firms and then tallied them to find out the best suitable for my kind of expectation.

For research purposes, there are various websites to visit such as Pinterest, and many others.

Set A Wedding Place According To The Number Of Guests

Guest Seats

Guest Seats

The wedding is a one-time event, and it will obviously affect savings of years. But compromising with any factor for a wedding can affect the whole event in a negative manner. Therefore, after discussing the total number of expected guests in the wedding, a proper and relevant wedding place must be chosen. Moreover, the facilities of the wedding place selected must be properly checked and evaluated for the condition of the services provided such as air conditioning and the heating situation at the place.

The theme says it all. No matter how small/big the space is, you can always come up with the best theme to show the wedding in your dreams to the guest. Accordingly, you can choose your wedding gown too. Read My Idea Of Choosing The Perfect Wedding Gown.


Planning The Meal

This is one of the unforeseen expense that I thought was not given that much from my side. Planning the meal chart and discussing it with the vendors is of utmost importance. Asking the wedding caterers, a certain important question is necessary for proper understanding. Choosing the best package for a meal is necessary which includes all kind food items within to satisfy all the guests. Counting the number of guests in therefore one of the most important tasks since a number of plated for the vendors has to be a number near around the number of guests.

Time To Display Some Organizational Skills

Managing such a large crowd at a wedding is one of those moments where one can demonstrate his/her organizational skills. I took up the challenge of managing the event in a very organized manner with making notes, listing out the to-do list, taking pictures and screenshots to show to the vendors for what I desire from them, checking emails regularly for any new updates and saving the mobile numbers of important persons and vendors on my cell phone.

Baby Steps

Wedding Decor

Wedding Decor

For organizing such a wedding of large guests to deal with, I took one step at a time. Doing it haphazardly will at the end complicate the situation on the table. Putting together the wedding planning schedule and prioritizing the things in logical order one by one would help in finishing the tasks too much fast.

I took the event too much seriously and didn’t enjoy it to the fullest, I hope you would understand and manage the events in such a way that you enjoy to the fullest. Though one of the most important things I would suggest you not to do are to not hiring any vendors before confirming the wedding date and don’t settle for the price that vendors say, negotiate a bit according to your budget. Keeping up with an emergency contact sheet or phone numbers of the vendors is of utmost importance to deal with any emergency situation.

For the D-day, all the wedding guests are coming to watch and celebrate with you, so be happy and welcome them with a big smile on your face!

My Idea Of Choosing The Perfect Wedding Gown

It is every girl’s dream to dress up beautifully for her wedding. I am no different and would like to make sure everything is as close to perfect as it can be. One of the most important and crucial phases is the dressing up part. Even crucial is the process of selecting my wedding gown.

The Shopping

Wedding Dresses

Wedding Dresses

Shopping for my gown would be tiring and stressful. I would have suddenly entered a space where I have little to no experience. This unfamiliar ground would be swamped with different designs, styles, materials and I would have absolutely no idea where to begin. And of course, with the high emotions at stake, I would want to make sure I do it right.

I think the best way to select a gown best suited for me would be to go backward in my thought process. The venue would already have been decided by the time I go shopping. Depending on that I can adjust my budget requirements. If it is going to be a wedding that would be attended by close family and friends, it would be a waste to spend lakhs on it. Important as the dress maybe, I do not want to overspend on it.

The Design

Lace Wedding Dress

Lace Wedding Dress

Over the past years, there have been a lot of changes in the way designers do bridal gowns. Scores and scores of designs have emerged by both experienced designers and freelancers. One thing I am sure of it that I do not want to put my wedding gown in the hands of a freelancer. Freelancers are quick to design ready-made dresses but are often inexperienced when it comes to customizing wedding gowns. So, experienced designers, it is.

I will have to search through the designer’s collections and decide if their style would work on me. Better yet, I’ll take my mother’s and best friend’s advice on which style to go for. I have already made them write notes as I went on and on about my wishes and desires to my wedding. Now, all I need to do is find the ones that satisfy my requirements.

The Shortlisting

After researching about various designs and styles, I shall shortlist a few so that one or the other might just click. While doing that, however, I’ll make sure to try out every kind of fabric so that I’ll know which kind will gel with me.

I want to know how they feel as I move, dance and jump and if they accent my body shape.  I’ll also feel confident about where I am putting my money.

These designs make me feel special by just seeing them. The way their graceful layers fall towards the ground, the snow-white material and the tiny mirrors that light it up. They do not have the gaudy feel that most of the gowns I have seen in real life do.

The Appointment

I will schedule my appointment with the designer well in advance so that I shall be mentally prepared for the interaction. I know there will be assessment, trials, and retrials until one is selected to be the best suited.

I have cleared my whole day for this particular purpose and would want the gown to emphasize my natural body shape while at the same time look simple and elegant.

The Selection

The Bride

The Bride

Finally, once I have selected the one I think would suit me beautifully, I wouldn’t want to go back and forth on my decision. Also, once I have decided the gown, I will no longer try more pieces as they will only prolong the selection process and make me doubt myself.

Though all of this would happen five to six months in advance because that is when I would have to order the dress, I wouldn’t want to get to the fitting phase well until the wedding is a week or so away. They say a bride loses weight during the time of her wedding.

I wouldn’t want to get it fitted well in advance only to change the fittings once again at the time of the wedding. Resizing it a week ahead should work.

Trusting my decision, I would declare myself prepared for the best day of my life.