How I Use Decoration To Bring Out The Wedding Mood

As a professional wedding decorator, I love to have the wedding decorations set the mood. A wedding is an important event in the life of boththe bride as well as the bridegroom and often their loved ones too. The excited chatter, the busy preparations, and a pleasant anticipation that can so often be observed at any wedding are always best accompanied by glimmering decorations that match that mood and perhaps enhance the brightness of the occasion. Every piece of decoration speaks of the happy celebration in the air.

Decoration Ideas

Mr. & Mrs.

Mr. & Mrs.

The kind of decorations and the extent of detail may often depend on the budget one has for the wedding ceremony. However, when creativity pours out, then even low-budget ceremonies can look simply grand. Moreover, there is a whole host of DIY wedding ideas that people can try out. Read My Secret To Organizing A Budget Wedding.


Decoration ideas may be tried out with a variety of elements such as wedding cakes, bouquets, lamps and lighting, arrangements of food stalls, ribbons, linen, carpets and so much more. The decorative elements range from beads of varied kinds to exquisite lighting and flower arrangements that bring alive the moments.

Decoration Themes

Outdoor Wedding

Outdoor Wedding

Having a theme that underlies the entire decorative scheme has become very popular in recent times. From the wedding invitation to the event setting and decor, all fall in the same theme. There is a great deal of wedding theme ideas available such as peacock theme, beach theme, country theme and much more. Nowadays, there have been instances of fandom themes as well which have inspired some great wedding photo shoots.

Color Schemes

There is another trend that involves introducing a color scheme to the decorations. Be it the table linen, the chair covers, or the sashes, a great color scheme will certainly bring out a well-planned look to the whole setting.

Wedding Table

The wedding or the dining tables often hold the focus of the guests in any wedding. Be it the linen or the centerpiece, everything has to be thought about in order to get the perfect outcome. Confetti is generally considered to be a good addition.

Wedding Cake

Special Wedding Cake

Special Wedding Cake

There is not much that needs to be told regarding wedding cakes as most of us are already aware of the multitude of varieties and creative decorations with which cakes can be ordered. It is best for cake decorations to go along with the theme or color scheme, if any.

Wedding Flowers

There a thousand different ways in which flowers can become part of the wedding decorations. Be it the bouquet that the bride carries or the flowers that adorn the tables and the sides, one definitely requires an eye for detail when it comes to planning out the floral aspects, keeping the many factors such as size, shape, color, and number of flowers etc. in mind.


Perhaps the most impactful part of the whole decoration process, the lighting can be the key to setting the right mood. The look and visual appeal of all the other decorations depend on how the place is lighted. It affects everything from the mood of the gathering to the photographs that are clicked. Not only this, the decorative lights also play a great role in the visual appeal created.


Joyous Couple

Joyous Couple

I believe wedding decoration is an art, but at the same, it is very much a science. So as the floodgates of creativity and innovation open, they merge with planning and rationality to produce some of the most amazing decorated wedding sets that would sure set anyone’s mood and bring alive the celebrations that would be forever cherished.